Simultaneously with the developed countries, we want to introduce proudly to you the“New Generation High Performance Steels”, the product which is used by the best companies all around the world, which brings high performance. With the increasing market competition in the industry, instead of using steels that are decreasing the production, losing time, causing to increase labor and energy cost, you can procure new performance steels with clear microstructure, high efficiency and they are produced by the developed Swedish methods from Birlesik Metal.
Birlesik metal Portagual


Since our company was established, it breaks the grounds, brings and declares countless new types of steel. Now, we represent new generation performance steels to our dearest customers with the other developed countries.

Today, it is very important that producing the amount of product in a unit of time, due to the increasing labor and energy costs. For that reason, the companies all around the world allocate very big budgets to increase “production per unit time” for producing molds, to invest their research and development activities for decreasing the processing cost to minimum level. At this moment, the demand to high performance steels, which are having clear microstructure, produced with correct method, working at high temperature and pressure, reserving its stability after machining, forming and cutting processes, increases every day.

Operating a completely technical vision for our company, our industrialists never used or know before this "New Generation High Performance Steel" and we want to be the first one to implement the concept of stock with clear the microstructure.

Birlesik Metal has an agreement with Scana Steel Bjorneborg and Soderfors Steel which are the oldest and sophisticated steel producers in the world.

According to these agreements, new generation high performance steels are introduced to the industry, and also there will be field trips, seminars, technical trainings. The more important point, new “customized steels” will be produced according to the requirements of our customers with special processing methods. In developed countries, there are many special alloys and each company has its customized steels only for itself, they had certain alloys and they were using them before meeting with us. As a behalf of Birlesik Metal, we want to assure you to bring these special alloys to your company according to your needs.

Considering the production methods, to design new generation steels and to introduce these alloys to world, we are having collaborations with the respective steel producers in Sweden Scana Steel Bjorneborg and Soderfors Steel. We promise to increase our efficiency with connection among companies, technical service, universities and production facility.

Scana Steel Bjoneberg produces performance steels with VIP method which brings clear microstructure than ESR technique, also Soderfors Steel which is one of the two companies in the world to produce high performance steel, with the best bearing strength for improving the span life of the mold/part.