Birlesik Metal Portagual

Greetings from the past to the future

In 2002, my main reason to establish this company was producing the technologically modified high performance steels. We work especially for producing specialized steels and tool steels which are the most important part of the industry. In developed countries, producers select the best steels according to their needs and have a optimal production capacity, we have a limited 15-20 types of alloy that are used. In the last 10 years, Birlesik Metal introduced more than 100 types of new steel. Today, Birlesik Metal serves to its customers in 3 locations, more than 10.000 square meters processing and cutting area, 40 cutting machines, with 15 experienced engineers in 24 hours. We are in the center of 5000 companies that they use special tool steels. The reason is that we are one of the respected and closely followed company and Europe, conserning the technical and scientific approach to our customers' problems about tool steels.

We want to greet all the civilizations that lived in this area for thousands of years, they found the mines using their senses to extract, after that they melted, forged and formed for all the world. Also we want to greet the new generation to reserve the passion that come from their heritage. We want to greet our unborn children to embrace their heritage and the effort from the previous generations. In 2002, the time we established this company and we took Rumi's wisdom to guide us during our journey that we want to flow without freezing, losing our integrity and clarity, and today we want to greet our past and future.

Best Regards,

MSc. Metallurgical Engineering
Chairman of the Board