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  • BM CUBEX 2

    BM CUBEX 2

    BM Cubex 2 - Copper Alloys

    BM Cubex 2 Hardness is the highest copper alloy. 40 - 41 RC is reached. Optionally, case hardenedor solution obtained condition (20 - 22 RC) will be delivered.
    Usage Areas; In fast moving areas to be cool in plastic molding,base plates in plastic bottles, the throat slitting, hot runner systems for internal Finn resolved. Butt welding (welding wheels, chain supply) • The Safety in the Magnetic materials for that andsparking.
    Heat Treatment;370 – 450°C at temperatures between 2 or 4 time

    BM CUBEX 2 Data Sheet / Specifications 3297 5
  • BM CUNIX 5

    BM CUNIX 5

    BM Cunix 5 - Copper Alloys

    Good resistence at high temperature. Bronze with Ni content.
    BM Cunix 5 The mechanical properties at high temperatures, and bronze is combined with corrosion resistance.
    Usage Areas; Used in the pipe industry;Bending and correction components (spoons andmandrel are), Wear resistant machine parts, Aircraft landing gear gears material.
    Heat Treatment;If intensive processing, stress relief 380°C for 4 hours is recommended.

    BM CUNIX 5 Data Sheet / Specifications 3279 5